Welcome to Author Gloria Silk’s website. Gloria Silk shares her adventurous – and sometimes arduous – journey to see her dream come true; to be able to entertain her readers with her intense, sensuous love stories.

Here are her two first romance novels, available through Amazon at the special price of $1.99 for FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY and  $2.99 for SECOND DESTINY, for only a short time.   For Kobo click here. 

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FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY (click for more information)

Do you believe in love at first sight?

What happens when shy art major, Lia Abraham, locks eyes with Bollywood-gorgeous genius, Devraj Shah, across a London university crowd?

Sparks fly and their families and friends try to break them up.

SECOND DESTINY (click for more information)

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What if you and your first love get your happy-ever-after, but it doesn’t work out?

This story follows a beautiful, frustrated wife and artist who is reunited with the gorgeous hero with Bollywood-good-looks and charisma. When fate brings them face to face again, can they put their past behind, or will their intense passion reignite and endanger everything in its path?

Many of Gloria Silk’s stories are based in London, England, where she comes from. Gloria Silk writes love stories of intense passion, with special interest in intercultural romances.

What can be more important than family and love in our lives? No matter who the hero and heroine are – whether it’s about a poor Jewish girl who falls in love with a Hindu son of an affluent family, or a Spanish man attracts an engaged, prim and proper English woman – Gloria Silk’s novels are all depicted against a backdrop of our modern world. What all romance stories have in common are love and soul-mate connections. All these people want to find happiness and to live authentic lives together.

If you love to travel the world from the comfort of your armchair, enjoying a romance which keeps you warm even on the coldest winter nights, then visit the rest of this site, get to know Gloria Silk and look out for her novels. Click on the photo of the cover to buy the Kindle version, and if you prefer the print version, it’ll be available in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy and let Gloria Silk know what you think of the books and please review them.

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Happy Reading!

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 Or read Gloria Silk Interview  or email her at Contact@GloriaSilk.com

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