Fact vs. Fiction and Everything in Between

Fact Vs. Fiction and Everything in Between: The Birth of Bestseller, ‘Nobody’s Baby But Mine’ Have you ever fantasized or wondered how your life would have turned out if you had made different decisions years ago? If you have ever contemplated the various ‘what if’ scenarios about love or career […]

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My Favorite Fictional Couples…Just for Valentine’s Day

Jenny and Ollie From Love Story by Eric Segal – Jennifer Cavilleri and Oliver Barrett IV Just like Romeo and Juliet, this is one of my favorite love stories. Although I give my own characters happy ever after endings, there’s room for great romances where the lovers lose each other […]

Exciting News! Book Finalist 2016

My book was chosen finalist in Fiction – Multicultural category by Best Book Awards 2016!   TITLE: Second Destiny by Gloria Silk   FINALIST CATEGORY:  Fiction – Multicultural    I was so pleased to receive an email with the news that out of thousands of novels Second Destiny placed second in the Multicultural category for 2016.    

Special promotion for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Special promotion for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a conquerer of breast cancer, the author is supporting the importance of continued research. In addition to the discounted price of this book, 20% of all proceeds go to cancer research. So buy and enjoy while helping at the same time!