Large Print Editions Not Just for Seniors!

I discovered earlier in my teens in the most magical, favorite place in the whole world – the library – that large print books made it easier for me to read even if I didn’t have any sight issues. Only later did I hear all sorts of strange stereotypes about who read the large print books – mainly the elderly or those with partial or major sight loss. When a few of my readers asked about if or when my books would be made available in large print I set aside the time and energy to have all four of […]

LARGE PRINT Romance Books in 18 pt. font

Are you or someone you know/love one of the millions of people who love to read a ‘real’ book but are partially sighted or visually impaired and prefer books with 18pt. fonts (instead of 14 or 16pt fonts)? Great news, dear reader, you’re in for a real treat! I have developed large print versions of all four of my currently published books: You can order and buy them wherever you get your large print books, or order them through your local library. All you have to do is use these ISBN numbers and you’re ready to enjoy high quality books! […]

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The Villa Where Second Destiny Story could have played out

villa where second destiny story could have played out

A couple of years after I’d finished writing Second Destiny and it was published I researched online for a visual of a villa to share with my readers my vision of where I imagined my characters (the artist divorcee, Lia and the gorgeous Dev, her first and only love) to fall back in love with each other. I wanted to choose the feel and the romantic flavor of what I had envisioned whilst writing the novel of my heart. When I came across this link to a real Villa–an incredibly idyllic and super romantic vacation place that is for rent […]

Nobody’s Baby But Mine Delivers Fact vs. Fiction and Everything in Between

Fact Vs. Fiction and Everything in Between: The Birth of Bestseller, ‘Nobody’s Baby But Mine’ Have you ever fantasized or wondered how your life would have turned out if you had made different decisions years ago? If you have ever contemplated the various ‘what if’ scenarios about love or career opportunity, then you’re not alone. Imagination and daydreaming are all part of our lives, helping us sort our thoughts and ways forward. This daydreaming path, filled with hope and fear, was exactly how my novel

Ask A Local Author How to Write, Edit and Publish Your Book

Q&A at Book Signing by Tanya Freedman w/a Gloria Silk and author Tom Herstad Are you writing a book, or would like to? Interested to find out what it takes to write, edit and publish your own book? Then come and see local author, Tanya Freedman writing as Gloria Silk on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at Chapters in Woodbridge, Ontario. Author, entrepreneur and public speaker, Tanya Freedman has been published in fiction and non-fiction since 2005. At this book signing you can see and buy the two Destiny books, (“First and Only Destiny” and “Second Destiny” by Gloria Silk). Tanya […]