Book Reviews And Praise for Gloria Silk’s Stories

“…Ms. Silk’s uplifting stories pull you in and make you fall in love…” Elizabeth Lennox, Bestselling Romance Author

Geek to Greek Billionaire Review: Bravo, Gloria! You greatly deserve a thousand brilliant stars of praise 👌 Magnificent characters, amazing storyline, family oriented, fantastic friends! Maria Borres

5 Stars: “Gloria Silk is an amazing author that has provided a well-written and beautiful interracial romance.” Annalei Chuchu

5 Stars: Love it, love it Love it, love it, love it! Fantastic story, amazing characters, and what a twist. I just finished the book and I am left wanting more. This was a fabulous weekend read. I will definitely come back to it! Margaret

Believe me, this is one Romance book you don’t want to pass over! I loved it! I was hungry for a new romance novel when I came across “First and Only Destiny,” and can honestly say that it fed my appetite rather well. As a matter of fact, it met and surpassed my expectations! It’s wonderfully written to tell a lovely story filled with lots of emotions and authentic characters. The author did a fantastic job! I felt so close to Lia and Devraj while reading about their forbidden, but blossoming love. So close, that I found myself cheering for them! I couldn’t wait to find out if their love would pull through. As a true fan of this genre, I highly recommend this book. It’s one of those must-have books that you’ve got to get in your collection!!!
5 stars: Great first love romance story The Jewish and Hindu relationship dynamics interested me, that’s why I bought it. I really enjoyed the story especially how the writer seems to know what kind of obstacles young people can have. If you’ve ever had a first love, I think you’d really love this book. Now I can’t wait to read Second Destiny.
5 stars: Loved loved loved loved it! What a beautiful and sensitive story describing the very different cultures that the main characters come from. The details of each and the reactions of their family members as they fall in love. I couldn’t wait to read the Second Destiny! Ellen Cohen

Will Love be Denied Again? I bought this book and “First and Only Destiny” from the author at a local book signing. Gloria is such a lovely, upbeat person and I love her British accent!

I felt so sorry for the tough choice that Lia Abraham and Devraj Shah had to make when they were young university students; to say goodbye and please their families, or to defy their families for love of each other. One family is Jewish, the other family is Hindu. A decision is made at the end of the first book, but is it the right decision?

In the second book, an unsettling replay in the younger generation haunts Lia and Devraj, and they face another life-altering decision. I’m so glad I bought both books at the same time so I didn’t have to wait for the answer in these emotionally-charged page turners. Get your hankies ready. Joan Leacott, Author
I read the first book of Lia and Devraj’s story and it was amazing. However, the second book, “Second Destiny” is phenomenal! Not only does Lia and Devraj’s forbidden love resurface and is threatened again, but another younger couple close and dear to them both are experiencing similar challenges. Emotions and tension fuel this book, and had me anxiously turning each page, until there were no more to turn! No matter who you are, or your cultural background, I guarantee this book will open your eyes and pull on your heart in many different ways. I strongly recommend it. It took me on an unforgettable, emotional, roller coaster ride, and I’ve just got to share it with all! J Summers
on May 16, 2017
Wow! What an epic journey of love and destiny! This is the continuation of the first book First Love and only Destiny where star crossed sweethearts Lia Abraham and Devraj Shah were left in turmoil after opposition from their families! Loyalty to her grandparents, Lia was forced to marry Howard, a Jewish man of their choice! Devraj was left heartbroken with bitterness! Losing his one and only love, the only alternative was dedicating his whole life into their family business! Family Hindu traditions found himself briefly married to a 17 year old girl who cried and cried during the ceremony! She loved someone else. How convenient for Devraj whose heart belonged to Lia, did not want the marriage anyway, he severed the ties immediately, it only lasted a few minutes! Both families could not force him anymore! Life goes on without any contact between Devraj and Lia!!!
Several years had elapsed, Lia raised two kids, a girl and a boy from her marriage with Howard. Her now 18 year old daughter Danielle fell in love, introducing her boyfriend Sanjay to her mother! Speechless Lia looked in awe, for she was looking at a replica of her lost first love Devraj!!! It was like fate was playing tricks upon her! She remembered Devraj mentioning his brother’s baby named Sanjay! For sure there’ll be opposition, history repeating what happened to her and her Devraj!
Sanjay was unshakable and quite determined. His uncle Devraj, supportive with his honorable intentions decided to meet with Danielle’s mother… surprise, surprise… Lia was equally tongue tied upon seeing Devraj who was totally speechless himself! It was their first meeting after 19 years!!! Love between them was as strong as ever! Things looked hopeless but Devraj was determined to support Sanjay. Eventually after twists and turns, ups and downs left and right, nevertheless Danielle and Sanjay gained full support from Lia and Devraj. In the meantime, their own bitter past turned into a complete around … their love was even stronger than ever, becoming a couple after Lia’s divorce from a cheating Howard! Lia continued with her art career, and Devraj who never married declared his forever love with an engagement! Danielle and Sanjay were married as planned, expecting their first baby… but wait, who is having a baby too? Oh yes, wow…its no other than Lia and Devraj expecting their baby too👶!!! My love and admiration for Devraj’s magnificent obsession over his endless love for Lia has paid off a hundredfold!!! How beautiful and
magical… quite incredible happily ever afters for mother and daughtet👌What a phenomenal talent this author has created for our reading pleasure!! I love her writing style!!! Thanks Gloria Silk, you’re awesome!!! Maria B
on July 27, 2017
This is the second book in the series.
The first book ended with Lia marrying someone else. This book starts twenty years later. Lia is getting divorced and her daughter is getting engaged. Which brings Devraj back into her life.
This is the story of second chances. It follows through with Lia starting a new job and trying to start life over she doesn’t want the distraction of dating and her pride is only going to hurt her.
The twist in this story from the first story was great. I was happy to see where the author went with this book.
** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
on September 3, 2017
Loved this book and so happy to see the relationship between Lia and Dev finally working out. The first book ended with its own happy ending… but what if they had been forced to walk away from each other in order to please their families? Years later through a relationship between Lia’s daughter and Dev’s nephew they get to meet again. I wasn’t sure if it would work out for them but so happy it did. S Ashley

4 stars – Readers Favorite Choice Review by Natasha Jackson: Second Destiny is the story of Lia and Devraj, two former sweethearts who were torn apart by duty and family obligations. Lia was expected to marry a nice Jewish man instead of the handsomely exotic Hindu named Devraj, and instead of fighting for their love she gave in to the wishes of her family. But decades later, Lia finds herself ending her marriage to the cheating “right man” when she finds out that her daughter is in love with a handsome Hindu man who happens to be the nephew of her jilted sweetheart Devraj. Gloria Silk does a wonderful job of presenting just how constrained Lia felt after putting aside her feelings and marrying someone whom her grandparents considered an acceptable choice, but never truly feeling happy or satisfied with her life. When Devraj shows up and is against the relationship, it is clear he fears his nephew’s heart will be broken just as his was nearly twenty years before.

Second Destiny is at its heart a romance, but it is so much more than that. The cultural differences that many of us take for granted are right at the forefront of this story. Both families have problems with their loved one marrying someone from another culture and at times it borders on full-on racism, which makes it easier to root for Cheryl and Sanjay and even Lia and Devraj. Gloria Silk has written a wonderful tale about cultural differences, the need for love and freedom after a life of doing and being what is expected of you. This is no cut and dried romance story; it is much more than that because the feelings that still exist may not be enough to give Lia and Devraj their happily ever after.