Large Print Editions of Gloria Silk books

I discovered earlier in my teens in my most favorite place in the whole world – the library – that large print books made it easier for me to read even if I didn’t have any sight issues. Only years later did I hear all sorts of strange stereotypes about who read the large print books – mainly the elderly or those with partial or major sight loss.

When a few of my readers asked about if or when my books would be made available in large print I set aside the time and energy to have all four of my books made available in 18pt. font. I had planned to get them published in large print for all my library reading fans but got busy with the next projects and the next. Now was the time to go for it and help millions of people (of all ages) to enjoy my romance novels at the larger font size of 18pt. rather than the 14 or 16pt that many publishers offer.

Large Print is Not Only for the elder readers!

Did you know that it’s not only the seniors or the elder people who prefer to read large print books? Romance and Young Adult novels are among the very popular genres that are read by all ages for various reasons. Yes, it’s unfortunate that such disabilities as partial or major sight loss can hinder or stop the immense pleasure of reading books. But the print versions I prefer are the ones with larger font points – such as 18pt. size, as the reader can enjoy the experience many of us take for granted. I love colors and as an artist appreciate every opportunity in nature and in life to be grateful for all our senses, hearing, touching, smelling and of course, not least of all our sight!

Many people are under the erroneous impression that large print books are too heavy and bulky. May be the hardcover tomes that are large to begin with may be clunky. But I was pleasantly gratified to see that my books were still extremely portable and attractive even in the large print versions.

Yes, I myself wear glasses now since my mid thirties, and in my mid fifties I enjoy large print books because it’s so much more pleasurable to read without my eyes getting too tired. But more than that, I love knowing that I’m able to offer a choice of great quality novels to readers who may not have been able to read my books otherwise. Many librarians really appreciate the authors who make their books available in large print for the masses.

I cannot thank you enough for large print editions!!