Second Destiny Available Now

SECOND DESTINY is the second novel following FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY, the story of Lia Abraham and Devraj Shah. SPOILER ALERT: If you’d prefer to read the first book then be warned that the following details may spoil your pleasure. If you have already read FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY and loved their happy-ever-after, but want more, then – enjoy! Buy and enjoy the e-book now on Amazon for only $2.99. Coming soon to your other favorite online bookstores, and in print mid September 2014. SECOND DESTINY (Click for more information) The Older Generation Broke Them Apart

Best Book Cover For Second Destiny

Thank you to all those friends and professionals who took the time to vote for the best book cover for Second Destiny. This is the cover I chose, which is now on its way to the publishers. My first book Second Destiny will be out at the end of March, 2014. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Thanks, Gloria Silk, Author of Second Destiny which is now available on Amazon!