Nobody’s Baby But Mine

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This gripping, sensuous, romantic women’s fiction is available end March 2018.

What would do if you were desperately trying to have a baby and discover that your loving,loyal husband has fallen in love with a gorgeous redhead at work, and may have got her – the other woman – pregnant?

Would you have it in your heart to forgive him, or would you run to your patiently waiting sexy-as-hell ex-lover?

“Gripping, romantic, sensuous and astute.” 

“New women’s fiction that touches all parts of our needs, wants and the possibilities.”

About Nobody’s Baby But Mine

Can Rachel and James find their way back into each other’s hearts after tasting temptation and facing devastating news? How strong is love in the face of reality?
With an adoring patient saint of a husband, Rachel’s 7 year marriage to James Conran has grown from great to incredibly blessed. But all Rachel has yearned for over the past 5 years is wanting a baby.

Everything else is perfect… well until she bumps into her sexy ex-lover, Daniel Ross. The Italian knows his way around women, and Rachel is disgusted at how tempted she is to spend time with him, in the name of her work, of course.

Realizing how desperate she has become to have a baby–she actually wonders if the unexplained infertility is not her fault, and if Daniel can get her pregnant–she takes matters into her own hands and decides to have further exploratory fertility tests. On the day she makes it clear to Daniel that she’s not interested in anything he has to offer, she meets a beautiful pregnant red-head. As they become close friends the young woman offers Rachel a gift that will change many people’s lives.

But her loving, patient husband has been withdrawing lately. Is it really his career or is there something he’s not sharing with Rachel? Can they ever become a happy family? Is it too little too late? And where does Daniel come into all this?


Summer 2018

Healing Love (previously named Breaking the Chains)

Gloria Silk’s long-awaited novel about a beautiful, single and successful artist and restaurateur, who has one major dangerous flaw: She can never resist the wrong men,until it threatens her business and her life.


Fall 2018

Runaway Greek Billionairess

Sophia Preston is running away from her over-protective father.She wants to meet her Greek mother whom she had believed dead.

When she nearly drowns she is saved by the one and only man whom she will never be able to forget.

The gorgeous billionaire playboy, Dimitri Kyriakou.



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