First Things First

 First Things First

While I’m revising, designing the vision of my first book, Second Destiny, I’m also designing the banner vision.
It’s all very exciting, time consuming and gives me the sense of accomplishment writers and other creatives know so well! As a newbie in the world of publishing fiction – I’m multi-published in non-fiction under a different name – I’m overwhelmed by the numbers of steps, first things first and processes that are involved in getting a good quality product out into the world.

These are some of the resources which have helped me stay afloat, just about, and over the next few weeks I’m delve deeper into some of the actions I’ve taken, am about to go into, or plan to get my head around….

What I’ve learned from non-fiction writing (and ghostwriting and book coaching, etc) is that there is the writing part and then there’s the revision and PR part of being an author. If the product isn’t first rate, top quality, you may lose readers and never get another chance to make a good and lasting first impression.


Happy Reading and Great Inspirations.
Gloria Silk

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