Secrets To Getting Published

When my first business, non-fiction book was published in 2006 (under a different name) aspiring writers and entrepreneurs asked me at my seminars many questions which came to the same thing: Is there a shortcut, are there any tricks of the trade I could share, or miracle pills they could take, which would pave their way to getting published?

Alas, there are no secrets to getting published – I know, you hate to hear that. But there’s no magic or shortcuts but only the hard slog to sustained success.

If anyone promises you or guarantees anything that sounds too good to be true, take the advice with a pinch of salt and keep a tight hold on your wallet.

You’ve earned your money, why squander it without doing your due diligence?

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, the sad but true fact is there are many paths to success, none of them are easy. So as in any business; create the very best possible product, believe in it, and go for it.

Create a sold business plan, including the timelines for your various projects (guesstimate at the beginning if needed), develop a realistic marketing strategy and stick to your plans. Set a certain amount of time per day or week for ‘promoting’ and whatever you do, don’t get carried away and sucked into waste-of-time activities, such as surfing for hours (in the name of research and marketing) on social media and websites which can’t help you move forward with your goals.

Do not waste your precious time and energy on these, instead get into the habit of writing every day. If you’re writing part-time you have to be even more strict with yourself and stick to your self-imposed deadlines. Once you get into some sort of routine your brain and the rest of your life will get used to the scheme of things. You’ll get much more accomplished and the more you’ll achieve the more it’ll spur you on.

Make sure you have only positive and constructive support in your writing life.

Then revise, publish and start writing your next book.

Check out the below blog, which reaffirms my points, and I repeat, don’t waste your precious time or energy on looking for short-cuts or believing in fairy tales. Leave that for when you’re reading to your children or grandchildren, or fiction, then you can suspend your disbelief.

Visit this link and read: Here’s the Secret to Self-Publishing Success: Do the Hard Work.

Happy writing and happy reading,

Gloria Silk

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