First And Only Destiny Available Now

This debut novel is now available in all formats, anywhere you buy your books as ebook and print, including Large Print.


First Love…
It’s love at first sketch for shy, sheltered art major Lia Abraham, when she meets the Bollywood-gorgeous Devraj Shah at a London university. But she refuses to show her undeniable attraction to the gregarious genius, who is being groomed for his family business empire. Nothing can stand between her and her dreams of traveling and teaching art across Europe. No taking risks or detours for Lia!

First Kiss…
The last thing Lia needs is a handsome distraction from her true love: art. Although she protests, the charming Devraj, with his dimpled grin and sparkling eyes, convinces Lia to be “just friends”.

But inevitably—with one rain-soaked, sweet yet sizzling kiss—their unleashed desire becomes stronger than their cultural divides—a Hindu boy and a Jewish girl? Gods forbid!

As their friendship flares into an all-consuming passion, the growing pressure from both families changes the landscape of both their lives.

Forever love?
Despite loving him to distraction, will Lia’s gratitude to her frail grandparents, who raised her, and her loyalty to her cultural ties, force her to forsake the forbidden fruit of her love for Devraj?

Or can she stand up for her first and only love and face their uncharted future head on?

FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY has a special place in my heart, not only because it’s my first to be published, but because I’m a sucker for poignant stories of first love. It is a standalone novel, the story of which won second place in two different contests regarding writing voice and story.

I’m excited to share it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Please let me know and spread the word if you liked it and review it.

More to come soon, in the meantime click here or on the image below to watch the 90sec. short First and Only Destiny Book Trailer Video.

Gloria Silk

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