Ten Gorgeous Men Who Inspire Gloria Silk’s Books

There are many good-looking men in this world, especially the ones we can salivate over when watching our favorite movie stars on screen – then and now! Here are my top ten gorgeous hunks from around the globe. Get a cold glass of water and a fan (to cool yourself down a bit) and post some of your own favorites at the end of this post.

Let’s start with some that didn’t make the cut: Honorable Mentions:

CLINT EASTWOOD (‘A Fistful of Dollars’, or in ‘Play Misty for Me’)   and he obviously loves dogs!       clint eastwood dog



ROBERT REDFORD (‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘The Way We Were’)   r redford for blog

WARREN BEATTY (yes, he used to be quite gorgeous, especially in the movie,

‘Splendor in the Grass’  beatty





rockhudson        rock hudson smiling


ELVIS PRESLEY  – He was handsome, very talented, and he sure knew how to shake that pelvis, and that smile!elvis-presley young Elvis-Presley-elvis-presley-smiling

But like with all the above swoon-worthy stars, none of them passed the Gloria Silk Gorgeous Hunkometer Test.
Why? Because I’d rather remember them as they were in their prime.

A Very Special Mention:young George Clooney with short dark hair
GEORGE CLOONEY (Yum!) No top-ten of handsome/gorgeous men can be complete without this charismatic, witty and fun actor: and just like Harrison Ford, even in his early fifties George Clooney seems to have matured into an even more delicious dish of gorgeousness.




10) Our first tie: PIERCE BROSNAN and SEAN CONNERY – I love them both in equal measure:

pierce-brosnan-james-bond j4h.net                   young-sean-connery   through Pinterest


from theplace2.ru serious

8) TAYE DIGGS:   Those sparkling pearly whites! Love his acting, too!  taye_diggs_cropped imgarcade.com

7) RYAN GOSLING:  Look into those intense, earnest blue eyes!   ryan-gosling-people dot plurielles dot fr
6) DENZEL WASHINGTON: I love that naughty grin and that sparkle in his eyes.Denzel-Washington-all celebrity photos dot com

Another Tie in…


There’s something lovable about these two blond, talented stars.

1991 brad pitt from mamamia dot com dot au   J T duckhits dot com

4) WILL SMITH – Will’s so well-rounded – and not just in talent.

will_smith comicvine dot com

3) LIAM HEMSWORTH: He’s so hot, and not just because he comes from down-under!

liam-hemsworth-2       liam hemsworth for blog
I love that piercing blue-eyed stare.

2) CHANNING TATUM: Oh, the way he moves and dances….

          Channing-Tatum 3 ILCINEMANIACO


And finally the number one winner is…..

drum roll please…..

1) HRITHIK ROSHAN – Bollywood’s acting and dancing king!
Take those sunglasses off, let’s see those gorgeous green eyes, Hrithik:hrithik-roshan_bolly from notchmag dot com

hrithik Krrish        19657-hrithik-roshan.jpg
Oh, come on, don’t tease…                                                Ah…

hrithick dancing with partner rediff dot com     Hrithik-Roshan dancing boxoffice capsule dot com
This guy moves like liquid, like intense, sexy harmony…

hrithik yaadein rediff .com

He makes you believe in true romance and everlasting love.

hirithik roshan-vest fanpop dot com

And he’s very easy on the eyes, too!


Now you may see why I love writing about tall, dark and handsome heroes like most of the above, and why my two Destiny books have got a Bollywood-inspired gorgeous man. Also, what I realized while enjoying compiling my favorite top ten gorgeous men who inspire me, is that they all have one thing in common. All these men have incredible smiles. And on top of that, most of them don’t seem to take themselves seriously.

Which heroes and/or international heart-throbs do YOU like? Share about them below.
Gloria Silk




Copyright: Please note that I do not own, or purport to have any rights to any of the above images. They have been used here for purposes of examples and fun only.

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