The Villa Where Second Destiny Story could have played out

villa where second destiny story could have played out

A couple of years after I’d finished writing Second Destiny and it was published I researched online for a visual of a villa to share with my readers my vision of where I imagined my characters (the artist divorcee, Lia and the gorgeous Dev, her first and only love) to fall back in love with each other. I wanted to choose the feel and the romantic flavor of what I had envisioned whilst writing the novel of my heart.

When I came across this link to a real Villa–an incredibly idyllic and super romantic vacation place that is for rent in Provence–I was so excited to share the amazing photos.  What do you think of it? If you’ve read Second Destiny, had you pictured the place like this, or differently? Let me know.

Luxuriously Stunning Villa Where Second Story Destiny Could Have Played Out! the villa where second destiny story could have played out

Even better, if you’ve visited or even lived in a romantic setting that you think would be a prefect backdrop for this romance, let me know with photos. I’d love to romanticize alongside with my readers.

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