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How We Can All Help with Breast Cancer Awareness

Help Breast Cancer Research While Enjoying a Good Book The above is the 2014 blog post link and now I am updating you with a short blog post. We all have extremely busy lives especially with our crammed family and work schedules. But did you know that volunteering and spending some time helping others can do wonders for your well-being? So many of us feel so good when helping someone even in the smallest way. Almost 7 years ago my final¬†cancer treatments after my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery were completed. Although I did not want to hear about this at […]

Today: Free digital copy of First and Only Destiny on Amazon, Int’l

Get your free digital copy of First and Only Destiny on Amazon! Hi friends and loved ones, Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. I’d like two minutes of your time to see if my book promotion (only running for two days) is working: Can you please log in on Amazon (whichever country you live in) and when you find my FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY BY GLORIA SILK click “buy free”. You’ll not only have this book free, but you can also share it with others.  

Why I Write Intercultural Romance

Some people ask me why I write romance with characters from different cultural backgrounds. The easy and simple answer is that I find it fascinating and fun to write about people falling in love and facing all sorts of obstacles in addition for them having to cope with complications arising from their cultural, racial or religious differences. The longer answer is that I enjoy creating characters based on people I have met, heard about and cultures I know well, or have researched, in a world where intercultural romance is naturally increasing. Not only is travel made easier these days and […]

Meeting My First Fan

Because it’s a new and exciting experience for me, to meet my first fan who didn’t know she was talking about my books, I had to share it with you. A month after the release of my debut novel, Second Destiny and its prequel, First and Only Destiny, on Halloween, I was sitting in my hairdresser’s salon and telling her about the fun I’d had the night before. I’d dressed as my alter ego, Gloria Silk, for the Halloween party at my local Toastmasters club. I like to make people laugh or at least lift their spirits, and shared my […]

10 Biggest Boosts For Your Love Relationship

10 biggest boosts for your love relationship is for you … Whether you’ve just returned from a perfect romance and love-filled honeymoon and you’re suffering with post-party blues, or if your marriage is buried under years of too much drudgery and responsibility (babies, teens, family and work angst), don’t fret, there’s always something you can do to help.   Most of us think (from all the media hype and romantic entertainment) that once you’re in love your relationship is set and you can get on with life. But marriage, or any love relationships have to be constantly fed and nurtured. […]

Ten Gorgeous Men Who Inspire Gloria Silk’s Books

There are many good-looking men in this world, especially the ones we can salivate over when watching our favorite movie stars on screen – then and now! Here are my top ten gorgeous hunks from around the globe. Get a cold glass of water and a fan (to cool yourself down a bit) and post some of your own favorites at the end of this post. Let’s start with some that didn’t make the cut: Honorable Mentions:                         But like with all the above swoon-worthy stars, none of them […]