Release Date to be Confirmed: HEALING LOVE

Following the successful novel ‘Nobody’s Baby But Mine’ now, Rachel’s younger sister, Abby, goes on her own heart-pounding and romantic journey of self-discovery.

The release date of the long-awaited ‘Healing Love‘ will be confirmed soon.

Then you’ll be able to enjoy the story, Healing Love, Abby’s own incredibly raw and enthralling romantic novel. Want to see the draft book cover and get to read the ARC (advance reading copy) before anyone else? Subscribe now for free here. Or on right in the sidebar.  

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Abby Valentino is Rachel’s ‘unlucky in love’ younger sister from the bestseller, Nobody’s Baby But Mine. 

Haven’t read Nobody’s Baby But Mine yet? Read the first few chapters now.

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What would do if you were desperately trying to have a baby and discover that your loving, loyal husband has fallen in love with a gorgeous redhead at work, and may have got her – the other woman – pregnant?

Would you have it in your heart to forgive him, or would you run to your patiently waiting sexy-as-hell ex-lover??

“New women’s fiction that touches all parts of our needs, wants and the possibilities.”


5 stars Gripping story of true love, forgiveness and happily ever after!!!

“Oh my, Gloria! Seriously, nobody writes like you do… the way you hold my heart, suspended up in the air palpitating above normal from page one to Epilogue!!! Oh dear heavens… words are not enough. You did a great job with Rachel, James and Lori truly driven towards an honest and true friendship! I used up pieces of Kleenex but they were happy tears! Because all your books well deserve 10 stars.”

“What an amazing opportunity to read this novel by our super talented author Gloria Silk, whose two previous books are still fresh in my romantic mind!…With a magnificent and loveable romantic twist like a Cinderella fairy-tale Olivia has finally made a brilliant decision in keeping her Prince deeply close in her heart, forever…” Maria Borres

“…Ms. Silk’s uplifting stories pull you in and make you fall in love…” Elizabeth Lennox, Bestselling Romance Author

“What an amazing opportunity that was granted to me by our super talented author Gloria Silk whose two previous books are still fresh in my romantic mind!

She deserves an honest review for this latest book From Geek to Greek Billionaire which is just as phenomenal as her other books!
A gripping story about young love torn by doubts, immaturity and insecurities — they were abruptly separated from their first romantic meeting, until fate played a great surprise —- meeting each other after almost a decade, both Olivia and Alexander experienced angst with twists and turns, their immature indecisions destroying first love that had beautifully blossomed inexplicably under magical circumstances!!!

I love the way the storyline weaves into an interracial romantic connection between an equally magnificent portrayal of beauteous and talented Olivia Moore, an American and Alexander Anderson whose joint family heritage has led them to a more wonderful relationship with the family, adoptive parents of Alexander whose biological parents are from Greece.
Following a complicated young lovers’ story like Olivia’s and Alexander’s strengthens my faith in fate and destiny! When there is true love, forgiveness and redemption are easier to refresh a fully sustained trust and confidence with the one person whom you truly meant to keep in your life!

With a magnificent and loveable romantic twist like a Cinderella fairytale Olivia has finally made a brilliant decision in keeping her Prince deeply close in her heart, forever—in following an epic love story like theirs, an avid romantic like me only has this to say “thanks for Gloria Silk’s brilliantly creative mind, we all enjoy to fantasize our own love story living happily ever is my kind of New Year’s romantic mood!”

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Gloria Silk’s long-awaited novel about a beautiful, single and successful artist and restaurateur, who has one major dangerous flaw: She can never resist the wrong men, until it threatens her business and her life. 

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