Second Destiny Available Now

SECOND DESTINY is the second novel following FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY, the story of Lia Abraham and Devraj Shah. SPOILER ALERT: If you’d prefer to read the first book then be warned that the following details may spoil your pleasure. If you have already read FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY and loved their happy-ever-after, but want more, then – enjoy! Buy and enjoy the e-book now on Amazon for only $2.99. Coming soon to your other favorite online bookstores, and in print mid September 2014. SECOND DESTINY (Click for more information) The Older Generation Broke Them Apart…Lia Abraham gave up everything […]

Secrets To Getting Published

When my first business, non-fiction book was published in 2006 (under a different name) aspiring writers and entrepreneurs asked me at my seminars many questions which came to the same thing: Is there a shortcut, are there any tricks of the trade I could share, or miracle pills they could take, which would pave their way to getting published? Alas, there are no secrets to getting published – I know, you hate to hear that. But there’s no magic or shortcuts but only the hard slog to sustained success. If anyone promises you or guarantees anything that sounds too good […]

From Gloria Silk’s Desk

From Gloria Silk’s Desk Welcome fellow readers and writers of Romance and Romantic Fiction. I fell in love with writing and reading when I was eleven years old, when my family and I settled down in London, England. A story-teller in the making, who was – and still is, I suppose – a drama queen. When I was fourteen I convinced my friend, Angie, (who was a whole year older than me) that I actually had a boyfriend; a young man named Eddie with a red sports car (in those days I didn’t know enough about names, makes or brands of cars to […]

About Writing

Practice, Practice, Practice It isn’t enough to merely love reading and writing to become a good story teller and a published author. Writers, like all creatives have to continuously hone their skill and craft. Practice may not make perfect, but it’ll at least get you closer to a good product: a readable, well told and intriguing story which people will want to read and recommend to others. When I first set out to write fiction seriously I took another author’s advice: I joined Romance Writers of America ( It was one of t he best things I ever did. As […]

First Things First

 First Things First While I’m revising, designing the vision of my first book, Second Destiny, I’m also designing the banner vision. It’s all very exciting, time consuming and gives me the sense of accomplishment writers and other creatives know so well! As a newbie in the world of publishing fiction – I’m multi-published in non-fiction under a different name – I’m overwhelmed by the numbers of steps, first things first and processes that are involved in getting a good quality product out into the world. These are some of the resources which have helped me stay afloat, just about, and […]