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    Note from Gloria Silk:

    I like to share my writing, my process of coming up with my stories that touch and even change people’s lives. I love books, and I’m addicted to writing and sharing good books with my friends within my newsletters, too. So when I get these kinds of emails my lovely readers reaffirm that my passion for what I do comes through my writing, even in my newsletters. Thank you, each and every one of my reading friends. Gloria Silk, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

    Newsletter Review from a Gloria Silk Reader:

    Dear Gloria, I read many, many newsletters from authors on a daily basis, but this really touched me – the way that your book did.  It’s written with such honesty, integrity and depth of emotion.  And the deep love you share with your husband just shines through your writing.  I bet you are just a beautiful person to know.

    Have a great weekend. Your fan, K.A.