Second Destiny Available Now

SECOND DESTINY is the second novel following FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY, the story of Lia Abraham and Devraj Shah. SPOILER ALERT: If you’d prefer to read the first book then be warned that the following details may spoil your pleasure. If you have already read FIRST AND ONLY DESTINY and loved their happy-ever-after, but want more, then – enjoy! Buy and enjoy the e-book now on Amazon for only $2.99. Coming soon to your other favorite online bookstores, and in print mid September 2014. SECOND DESTINY (Click for more information) The Older Generation Broke Them Apart…Lia Abraham gave up everything […]

List of Helpful Resources

List of Helpful Resources and Books About Writing: Here are some of the books I’ve been reading, studying and enjoying, which you may find useful too: The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing Ebook (By the Indie Publishers Group) Let’s Get Digital – by David Gaughran (his Let’s Get Visible is on my TBR pile) – This guy’s very smart in PR, marketing as well as providing a good product. Write, Publish, Repeat – by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt. For Marketing I’ve found this book invaluable: E-Boot Camp – Corey Perlman – although its to help with marketing your business, […]