Happy Mother’s Day and Great News!

Hi dear friends, Welcome to my new subscribers! Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have kids and/or pets! And happy weekend. And great news for all those who have been waiting for news regarding my upcoming stories. Tomorrow is my birthday as well as celebrating Mother’s Day and some other important things. Many of my writing and reading friends openly admit to their upcoming birthdays and their impending age. I didn’t know that I was this vain, because I found myself thinking, “OK, I’ll admit there’s a 3 and a 5 in my age, but I refuse to tell […]

Help Breast Cancer Research While Enjoying a Good Book

As a breast cancer conqueror, I’m writing this post as Tanya Freedman, even though you may only know my alter ego, Gloria Silk. Firstly, forget the commercialism of the pink ribbon. Unfortunately there will always be the good, the bad and the not so well-intentioned people and businesses. It should not stop those who are committed to help others. Here is a short press release which is self-explanatory about my own commitment to help cancer research: Many people in the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario know Tanya Freedman as a multi-published author, artist, entrepreneur and mentor. But she’s also a […]