The Villa Where Second Destiny Story could have played out

villa where second destiny story could have played out

My search for a villa where Second Destiny story could have been played out… A couple of years after I’d finished writing Second Destiny and it was published I researched online for a visual of a villa to share with my readers my vision of where I imagined my characters (the artist divorcee, Lia and the gorgeous Dev, her first and only love) to fall back in love with each other. I wanted to choose the feel and the romantic flavor of what I had envisioned whilst writing the novel of my heart. When I came across this link to […]

Exciting News! Book Finalist 2016

Second Destiny Chosen As Book Finalist 2016! My book was chosen finalist in Fiction – Multicultural category by Best Book Awards 2016!   TITLE: Second Destiny by Gloria Silk   FINALIST CATEGORY:  Fiction – Multicultural   I was so pleased to receive an email with the news that out of thousands of novels Second Destiny placed second in the Multicultural category for 2016.    

Meeting My First Fan

Because it’s a new and exciting experience for me, to meet my first fan who didn’t know she was talking about my books, I had to share it with you. A month after the release of my debut novel, Second Destiny and its prequel, First and Only Destiny, on Halloween, I was sitting in my hairdresser’s salon and telling her about the fun I’d had the night before. I’d dressed as my alter ego, Gloria Silk, for the Halloween party at my local Toastmasters club. I like to make people laugh or at least lift their spirits, and shared my […]